Siebel 8.1.x BI Publisher Reports

Duration: 3 Days

What you will learn

The Siebel 8.1.x BI Publisher Reports course is intended for developers, administrators, business analysts, and end users who are responsible for building new and, modifying existing reports in a Siebel installation. As of the 8.1.1 release of Siebel CRM, the BI Publisher Server is used to generate reports and replaces the Actuate Reports Server.

This course is a new course that covers reporting using only the BI Publisher Server. Note this course does not teach participants how to convert existing Actuate report templates to BI Publisher report templates.

The course provides participants with the knowledge to modify existing reports, to create a variety of new reports, and to make the reports available to Siebel clients. Participants learn how to use use Microsoft Word with the BI Publisher

Desktop add-in to create and modify report templates. They also learn how to use BI Publisher Server to generate reports. Participants learn how to configure the Siebel application to enable reporting features such as parameterized reports and report scheduling. In addition participants learn how to configure a Siebel application to access the BI Publisher Serve.

Learn To:

  • Create custom Siebel reports
  • Enable report scheduling and parameterized reports
  • Administer the BI Publisher server for Siebel reports
  • Translate Siebel rpeorts
  • Modify existing Siebel reports
  • Create custom Siebel reports

A Live Virtual Class (LVC) is exclusively for registered students; unregistered individuals may not view an LVC at any time. Registered students must view the class from the country listed in the registration form. Unauthorized recording, copying, or transmission of LVC content may not be made.


  • Administrator
  • Application Developers
  • Business Analysts
  • Developer
  • End Users
  • Reports Developer
  • Support Engineer
  • System Integrator

Required Prerequisites

  • Ability to use the Siebel Mobile and Web clients
  • Ability to navigate in Siebel Tools

Course Objectives

  • Modify as-delivered Siebel reports
  • Create new reports
  • Deploy reports to Siebel clients
  • Configure a Siebel application to access the BI Publisher Server
  • Add charts to reports

Course Topics

  • Introducing Siebel reports
  • Generating Siebel reports using BI Publisher
  • Exploring the Siebel reports architecture
  • Installing and configuring Siebel reports
  • Configuring a Siebel application to access the report server
  • Implementing the Siebel Security Model
  • Uploading report templates to the BI Publisher server
  • Scheduling a Siebel report
  • Configuring report scheduling
  • Creating and editing report templates
  • Editing an existing report template
  • Creating a custom report template
  • Deploying and testing reports
  • Formatting date and number fields
  • Adding summary field to a report
  • Configuring the Report Schema
  • Adding a field to an existing integration object
  • Deploying an integration object to the database
  • Creating a new integration object
  • Configuring additional report functionality
  • Creating master-detail reports
  • Creating parameterized reports

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