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1) Die neue Bedeutung des VUCA-Konzepts (Vulnerability, Uncertainty, Complexity und Ambiguity)

2) Neues Denken, neue Ängste, neue Erwartungen, neues Auftreten vor KundInnen, KollegInnen und Teams im virtuellen Raum

3) Neue Herausforderungen für Kollaboration und Kommunikation

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Sculptural Delights: Agile Scrum

Agile Scrum

This portfolio presents a series of innovative furniture designs that blur the lines between functionality and art. Each piece is a result of creative exploration, combining materials, forms, and textures to create furniture that is both practical and visually striking. The designs range from minimalist to complex, catering to diverse tastes and spaces.

The collection showcases the designer’s versatility and commitment to craftsmanship. Whether it’s a sleek, modern chair or an intricate, sculptural table, each design is a testament to the designer’s ability to reimagine the possibilities of furniture design.

Fashion Forward: Upskill

This portfolio features a range of innovative apparel designs that push the boundaries of fashion. It showcases the designer’s flair for combining unconventional materials and techniques to create clothing that is both artistic and wearable. The designs reflect a deep understanding of fashion history and a bold vision for its future.

Each piece in the collection is a statement, challenging traditional fashion norms and inviting the viewer to reconsider their perceptions of style and functionality. The portfolio not only displays the garments but also tells the story of their creation, from concept to completion.

Urban Lens: Schoox

This photography portfolio is a deep dive into urban landscapes, capturing the soul of the city through the lens. It features a collection of images that portray the city’s dynamic energy, architectural marvels, and the candid moments of its inhabitants. Each photograph is a narrative of the urban experience, showcasing the photographer’s ability to find beauty in the everyday.

The collection also explores the contrast between the bustling streets and the quiet, unnoticed corners of the city. It’s a celebration of urban life, highlighting the diversity, culture, and vibrancy that make each city unique.